REEL 'N' ROLL 2016

WEEK 1 (July 18 - 22)


Star Above the Garter.mp3

Ardgroom Polka.mp3

Anonn 's Anall 1.mp3

Ballykett Reel.mp3

Madame Maxwell.mp3

Mountains of Pomeroy.mp3

Padraig O'Keeffe's.mp3

Samhradh Samradh.mp3

Repeal of the Union.mp3

Rolling Wave.mp3

Tarmon's Polka.mp3



By the Banks of the Roses.mp3

Galway Shawl.mp3

WEEK 2 (August 8 - 12)


Anonn 's Anall.mp3

Barbara Needham's Jig.mp3

Begley's Polka.mp3

Eagle's Whistle.mp3

Jim Droney's Jig.mp3

O'Brien's Slide.mp3

O'Connell's Trip to Parliament.mp3

Samhradh Samhradh.mp3

Tommy People's Mazurka.mp3


The Banks of the Roses.mp3

The Galway Shawl.mp3

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