REEL 'N' ROLL 2013

12 - 16 August 2013 


Bonnie Kate.mp3

Charlie's Jig.mp3

Cosa Buidhe Arda Dearga.mp3

Maud Millar.mp3

Murphy's Hornpipe.mp3

Paddy Cronin's Polka.mp3

Pat Enright's Polka.mp3

Patrick Kelly's Waltz.mp3

Sweet Biddy Daly.mp3

Tarmon's Polka.mp3

The Humours of Tuamgraney.mp3

Siobhainin Seo.mp3

Tommy Reck's Polka.mp3

The Navvy on the Shore.mp3

The Liverpool Hornpipe.mp3


Paper of Pins.mp3

Soldier Soldier.mp3

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