Maree Traditional Music Club was begun by Siobhán Keane in September 2009.  The main activity of the club is to run a weekly traditional music session for younger players.  It is held every Sunday (it began on 27th September 2009) from 12pm to 1.30pm in Maree Community Centre.  If you're coming for the first time please contact us to make sure it's on as it won't take place during school holidays etc.

The session is at the heart of Irish music and is an occasion where musicians play and swap tunes in a social setting.  It is a chance therefore for the children to take their music from the classroom to a more public environment.  The only time most children play is during their lesson and when they practice.  What is missing is the relaxed social dimension and enjoyment that the session provides.   

The session compliments the teaching being done in the Maree/Oranmore area and provides a much needed opportunity for children who are learning traditional music to play their music in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere with their friends.  The session accommodates the various levels of ability of the children who attend, the tunes they play and the tempo at which they can play them.  

It's hard to suggest a minimum age for the session as children can differ greatly in musical ability but once they are able to play a few polkas and jigs they should be able to join in and enjoy it.  They will also hear new tunes and being familiar with those tunes will make it easier to learn them later on.  

Children who learn from Tommy Keane in Gaelscoil de hÍde, Oranmore, from Jacqueline McCarthy in Maree N.S. or privately from them, will have a common repertoire of tunes and should be familiar with many of the tunes played in the session.

Parents are welcome to attend the sessions and in that way show their interest and provide a source of encouragement for the children.

The fee is €2 per week collected on a term basis (€20 for 10 weeks).  Just pay for the remaining weeks if you join midterm.

Click here for a list of some of the tunes we teach.  These form the basis of the music for the sessions.

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